Glossary of terms used at

KPI metric- key performance indicator, a metric you want to track in time, can be daily, weekly or monthly.

 KPI metric needs to have one main (total) dataset and optionally also segment metrics which are subset of the total.

 an account defined by e-mail address and password

Company- set of KPI metrics managed by Company Admin. It can be unique for company or project.

Company Admin/Viewer- status of the User defining their permission rights

Data Source- source of data, it can be connected via Connector and automatically updated or edited manually.

Connector- type of connection used for data source

Tags- attributes of KPIs helping the quick filtering of the similar metrics in My KPIs list, e.g. tags based on the content (Financial, Users, Companies or type of connection- DB, GA, FB, et

Personal Dashboards- quick overview of the selected views on KPIs. Dashboards enable user to save the specific view on the select metric(s  

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