Create Company and manage sharing rights

KPIwatchdog has three levels of user permissions applied to each metric:

Dashboard Viewer
- the most limited access. Another user shared their dashboard to you so you can see trendlines included in dashboard widgets. However, you do not have an access to detailed metric report, its history data and you cannot change the metric settings and create new dashboards from these metrics. 

Metric Viewer (User)
-you can see the KPI metrics which are shared to you, create own dashboards and share them but cannot see and edit the KPI settings and company data sources.

Company Admins- you have full access to company KPI metrics and information- you can see and share KPIs, edit KPI settings, add and edit Data Sources and edit Company details.

User can become a Company admin in two flows:

a. User creates his new company by clicking Add Company Profile in header

b. Existing Company Admin adds User as a New Company Admin of their company
Click +New Viewer ->Write User E-mail -> Change their status from Viewer to Admin -> Save.

KPIwatchdog has quite flexible management of administrator rights in order to meet all possible company scenarios. Therefore one user can be a company admin in multiple companies as well as one company can have more Admins.

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