Difference between DB Connector and API Connector

DB Connector

creates the connection to your database. Parameters of metric are defined via the simple query builder on the KPIWatchdog pages. 

- Easier to setup- you do not need to know how to write the queries
- Better maintenance- you can change the metric settings directly from the KPIwatchdog site, no need to re-upload the connector plugin to your server, you do not need to access your server or contact system administrator.

API Connector 

creates the connection to your database and includes the queries uploaded on your server. 

Flexibility- you can use it for complex queries and calculations
Best for turn-key solutions- if you develop your own CMS or e-commerce system, KPIwatchdog API connector can be a good start for preparing your ready-made connector between your system and KPIwatchdog which you can resell to your clients. Contact us if you need any assistance.

Both connectors can be downloaded in one package from our Github repository

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