E-shop with Woocommerce for Wordpress

If you use e-shop built on Woocommerce for Wordpress, you can easily connect your e-shop metrics to KPI Watchdog and compare them with other data (google analytics, facebook, other shops, etc). KPI Watchdog Connector uses the Woocommerce API which is available since version 2.1. 

How to set up:

1. Enable API in your wordpress admin in two simple steps- 

a) Enable Rest API-  E-shop ->Settings ->  Enable the REST API (default is ON so you probably have it already enabled)
b) Generate API keys- Users -> Your profile -> Generate WooCommerce API Keys

You will get two keys- Consumer Key and Consumer Secret- which you include in the KPI watchdog interface. 

2. In the KPI watchdog Add new metric, select Key Woocommerce Metrics, add the URL of the shop and your two API keys and pick the metrics you want to import. 

That's it, job is done. 

You can now see all important Woocommerce metrics side by side with your Google Analytics, Facebook or other KPIs.  

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